Greetings from the Chairman

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the main local economic organization.
The Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in June l880 following the foundation of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was the first of its kind in Japan.
Thus, the Toyama Chamber has one of the longest histories in the country.

The Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry has continually dedicated itself to promoting and developing the industries of Toyama City as well as playing a significant role in improving and enriching the lives and welfare of all residents of the city.
We currently have over 5,000 members. Our role as the main local economic organization is becoming increasingly significant in response to expectations that we be more aggressive in reflecting long-term, global perspectives.

The Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in Toyama City, which is also home to the seat of the Prefectural government and located in the center of Toyama Prefecture.
Toyama Prefecture is in the center of the Sea of Japan area and also has many of the Northern Alps reaching up to the 3,000 meter range.

The Toyama Gulf is known as a mysterious place where some people see firefly squid and mirages. Thus, Toyama Prefecture is blessed with a rich and diverse natural environment. Toyama City has always been strongly dedicated to education. With low-cost electricity from hydroelectric plants, plentiful water resources for industrial, and a high quality industrious work force, the steel, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries have been the industrial foundation of this area. New industries including mechatronics, biotechnology, and new materials are propelling the city forward and distinguishing it as a major industrial force in the Sea of Japan area. Toyama City is renowned for being a place convenient to live in and providing a high quality of life for its residents.

Utilizing the vital energy of the local economy, the Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry is engaged in projects to create a new Toyama for the 21st century.
The new Toyama will be dedicated to promoting urban development, local industries, small and medium-sized companies, and international exchange.

The Toyama Chamber of
Commerce and Industry

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