The role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and lndustry is a government-approved corporation with special status approved for establishment under a special law entitled the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law of Japan." The local economic body is dedicated to promoting local welfare by striving for the total improvement and development of commerce and industry and contributing to sound development of the local economy.

Thus, the basic principle behind the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to create an attractive city with vibrant industry hand in hand with companies and business people regardless of whether they are an individual, a corporation, or an industry, the scale of the enterprise, or Whether they are large, medium or small in size.

The oldest Chambers of Commerce and Industry were established in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe in 1878. After various changes, they have emerged as voluntary economic bodies under the present "Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law of Japan" enacted in 1954, which adopted a membership system featuring a voluntary entry system.
In April 2015, 515 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Japan are active in their respective regions with a membership of over 1,250,000. One of the functions of the "The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry" is the overall coordination of the activities of the local chambers.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry have 4 outstanding features.
1. Locality : Activities are centered on the local area.
2. Globalization : Various industrial and business styles are represented.
3. Publicity : The value of public corporations is promoted as part of their organization and activities.
4. Internationalizalion : Chambers of Commerce and lndustry are organized all over the world.
Under the management of a distinguished line of chairmen, the Toyama Chamber of Commerce and lndustry has always aggressively solved problems leading to the development of Toyama City as a guiding organization for local commerce and industry and as an organization representing local opinion, while at the same time aggressively developing projects to meet the needs of the local area.
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